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Sustainable Energy

Testimonials from Clients

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Testimonials: Testimonials

Henry Muss worked at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust for 4 months as Sustainability lead. His focus was to develop the Trust's Green Plan the scope of which covered building energy, waste and water consumption as well as the wider carbon footprint of the Trust - procurement, medicines, travel, green spaces and staff engagement. In the first month he worked with comms to develop a staff survey which was instrumental in making the Green Plan reflect the culture and values of staff at the Trust. I found him to be enthusiastic, knowledgeable and a genuine environmentalist who was able to relate well to members of my team when discussing issues around climate change and personal responsibility.

Warren Dungey, Head of Estates, CHS NHS Trust. 

September 2021

Testimonials: Testimonials

Martin Clarke Head of Sustainabiity, West London Mental Health Trust

"West London NHS Trust and I would like to thank you for your support and time to speak at our Climate Change Seminar. It was a delight to hear your thoughts on climate change and what we as a trust can do to reduce our impact on climate change. You engaged our audience with your knowledge and understanding of the urgency we face from climate change, and challenged us on what we are currently doing to combat climate change and explained what more we could do."

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