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Founder of The Climate Resilience Company acquitted of XR protest arrest from April 2019

On Friday 30th April 2021 more than two years after his arrest at Parliament Square Henry Muss along with 4 other XR protesters were acquitted of their arrest from the Extinction Rebellion protests in London.

At Southwark Court Judge Gregory Perrins and two Magistrates deemed that the MET police had failed to properly implement the Section 14 public order act and as a result the conviction was overturned. This was the same Judge that oversaw the case for the Six Extinction Rebellion protesters that were cleared of causing criminal damage to Shell HQ, despite a jury being told by the judge there was no defense in law for their actions. Although Henry's cases was based on "proportionality" and his right to protest under EU Human Rights law this was not the main reason for the Judge's decision.

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