• Henry Muss

TCRC were invited to present too the Climate Emergency Centre UK Network on accessing grant funding

TCRC were delighted to present to the Climate Emergency UK Network on how centres can be more effective in writing bids for funding as well as signposting grant sources.

CEC groups approach local councils who have declared a climate emergency (over 300 in the UK ) or private property developers to begin negotiations over a meanwhile lease to set up a thriving eco-community hub in their town or city.

Helping to create community cohesion and resilience as well as re-energising the High Street and the local economy.

There are a number of physical premises now, represented by green pins on the map, including Ilford East London, Staines, Lewes, Swindon, Guildford and Godalming. We have also been joined by already opened hubs, connecting with the broader network to share resources and cooperate on projects.

Fundraising for the CEC network. (1)
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